Even More Super Retarded Madness

Here's yet another Super Retarded Dog re-enactment. This is the fourth one I've seen, and I'm really at a loss now. Don't get me wrong--I'm flattered and all, but can somebody explain what's going on here? Is this the "hip" new thing for "kids" to do "now"? I'm 26, so I guess I'm just too old to understand. In my day, we were too busy shoveling coal to even think about re-enacting things we saw on the internet. We ate rocks and snow, and if we ever even thought about filming ourselves acting out a scene from a cartoon, our dads would've kicked us in the teeth with a steel-toe boot...and we would've been grateful!

I guess it's a different world now. There's no place for old curmudgeons like me. I'll just grab my cane and putter around the house until it's time to do synchronized Hoveround formations with my old coal-shoveling buddies.


is not that we are too old, is that those re-enactments are retarded to the core, a total insult to SRD in every possible way, and that is just hard to understand. As the creator of SRD maybe you are kind of flattered or find them sort of interesting or “chick” but believeme, they are fucking retarded and the people who participate in them should be smacked with your coal-shovel several times until they dig SRD is unimitable.

Posted by: caca | Nov 27, 08:00 PM