Tandem Fork!

Just in time for next Valentine's Day, here comes the Tandem Fork! It's my revolutionary new invention for cutesy bullshit couples who love to do everything together, every single minute of every single day!

Do you enjoy blissful strolls around the park on your two-seater bike? Do you own a pair of Smittens? Do you worry that your significant other might have disconcerting thoughts about your relationship if they spend more than a millisecond away from you? If so, then the Tandem Fork is the only cutlery you should ever consider using, you batshit loony!

Order in the next 20 seconds, and I'll throw in a 12-piece set of Tandem Spoons, a Tandem Spatula, and 3 Tandem Plates at no extra cost. That's right, Tandem Plates! They're two plates stuck together. Holy shit!

Click here to order your Tandem Fork today!