Romancing the Funbags is an excellent position for female dummies who are really into wearing flannel and fixing radiators, or adventurous couples who want to spice things up with a little girl-on-girl action. Versatility is the key here, as the manuever can be performed while sitting, standing, running, or even dangling from a helicopter. The possibilities are endless. Mix it up and see what happens.

WARNING: Prolonged "romancing" may lead to severe bruising of the mammary tissue. As always, please use caution when punching a girl in the tits.

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Reverse Missionary

Worried about going to Hell? Of course you are, dummy. That’s why you should try the one and only position for dummies that isn’t explicitly condemned by the Catholic Church!

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The Bowing Crane

Now you can get your rocks off and erase horrible childhood memories in the blink of an eye! Don’t forget to rub some Robitussen on your head when you’re done.

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Romancing The Funbags

Are you a confused dummy struggling to find your identity? Are you a bored couple looking for something new? It’s time for some hot girl-on-girl tit-punching action.

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The Interrogation

A brutal technique for incredibly stupid dummies looking to get some information out of their significant other. Make sure you’ve got your scapegoats lined up before you try this one.

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Reflections On Water

Stop wondering about what your partner is feeling. Now you can both achieve mutual, simultaneous satisfaction…or cracked skulls, whichever comes first.

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The Battering Ram

Get your feet wet with this simple introductory manuever for the inexperienced or completely brain-dead. Oh yeah, don’t forget to take your hat off first.

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