Stuff I Wanna See On TV

1. A show where monkeys run around screaming and vomitting all over the place, with the Benny Hill music playing in the background.

2. A reality show set in a female correctional institute with 600 inmates and 5 pairs of pants. Every week, one of the pants will be voted off the show.

3. A made-for-tv movie about a cop who goes back in time for some reason. Burt Reynolds will star in the lead role and his partner will be played by a donkey dressed like Dom DeLouise.

4. A game show where people are smacked in the head with fish while little midgets try to crawl up their leg and set their pubic hair on fire. Oh, and they have to answer questions and stuff.

5. A 5-hour documentary about the guy who invented the first colostomy bag.

6. A local TV weatherman who completely loses his shit every time the dew point drops below 31°, and then storms about the set like a madman waiving his arms gnashing his teeth.

7. A show starring Tony Danza about a guy named Tony who has a speech impediment and a crippling obsession with dolls. He also has a tendency to fall off the top of buildings. We’ll call it “The Tony Danza Show.”

8. A subliminal message placed randomly in various commercials that commands Russian people to stop eating babies and go take a shower.

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Stuff I Wanna See On TV

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